It is through my own Christian Faith I believe, that allows me to remain eyes-heart-soul-open and connected to all other religions and spiritual beliefs in this large world that also is intended to connect us all, as living beings, through only positive faiths- those who also do good for others, desire peace not violence, seek self-love, thus able to love all others, and accept God as One being despite various interpretations and representations.
Through my own limited but focused personal studies, my few adventures through trips to faraway counties including those in the Eastern World, I have evolved this way perhaps. It seems all religions through their belief in a Higher Power, are simply seeking and following the very same One God.
After all, who are we to judge others’ and to interpret ancient writings in so many different ways, only to suit particular cultures and needs perhaps of oneself or others?
Only God is our judge within the realm of spirituality. One God, many worshipers, many names for Him/Her, for all man and womankind. Until we, ourselves, die and cross over, we do not know the one true answer to this question regarding various religions, so until that day, we have Faith, which sustains, comforts, guides, and provides for us. Namaste’

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